Pampas Cat
Oncifelis colocolo

The Pampas Cat or Grass Cat as it is known in parts of its range, can grow up to a little over 2 feet in length with a tail of approximately 12 inches. In appearance it resembles a thick set large domestic cat - the base fur which is fairly long, ranges in colour from grey to yellow/brown or dark brown and is covered with horizontal stripes or streaks of dark brown - the underparts and legs are often lighter in colour. The head is relatively small compared to body size and is marked with white around its nose and eyes. The pampas cat is found in a range that covers most of western central South America, from Equador and Chile across the Andes Mountain into Argentina and neighbouring countries. The habitat of the cat is therefor varied - equally at home on the grassland plains, dense equatorial forest and high altitude mountain scrub.

Although little is know of the pampas cats hunting and breeding habits, it is believed to hunt mostly at night and take small mammals and rodents and birds. It is also known to take domestic poultry in areas were it lives close to human habitation, notably along the coastal areas of Chile. The pampas cat is hunted throughout its range for its fur and is listed in CITES Appendix 2.

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Pampas Cat

Body Length(mm) - 560-700
Weight (kg) - 3-7
Litter Size - 2 average
Life Span - 9-16
Status - Least Concern

O.c.braccatus - Brazil, N.Argentina
O.c.budini - Argentina
O.c.colocolo - Central Chile
O.c.crespoi - S.W Chile
O.c.gariepp - Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia
O.c.munoai - Uraguay
O.c.paajeros - Argentina, Chile
O.c.thomasi - Ecuador