Africa is the second largest continent covering some 22% of the worlds land mass. It is a vast plateau continent with approximately 90% of the land being no more than 500 feet above sea level, while to the north the Sahara Desert makes up almost 25% of the total area of the continent.

The majority of the continent has very low rainfall, with only eastern central lands, made up extensively of equatorial rain forest, receiving high average precipitation. The huge areas of Savanna to the east and south of the African continent are home to large herds of roaming herbivores and as such provide a substantial prey source for the native carnivores, including several of the cat family.

The following species are all native to the continent of Africa

African Golden Cat  Profelis aurata
African Wildcat  Felis sylvestris
Black-footed Cat  Felis nigripes
Caracal  Caracal caracal
Cheetah  Acinonyx jubatus   vulnerable
Leopard  Panthera pardus
Lion  Panthera leo   vulnerable
Sand Cat  Felis margarita
Serval  Leprailarus serval
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