The continent of South America makes up some 12% of the worlds land surface and offers a wide range in both climatic and geographic regions. The lowland areas to the north are dominated by the vast Amazon basin, drained by the Amazon River the second longest in the world. Covering an area of some six million sq. miles much of the Amazon basin is covered by Equatorial Rain Forest, an ecosystem that houses more species of flora and fauna than any other single region of the world. Along the western side of the continent and running almost its complete length is the Andean Range of mountains containing many of the highest peaks in the world.

The following species are all native to the South American continent

Andean Mountain Cat  Oreailurus jocobita   vulnerable
Puma  Puma concolor
Geoffroy's Cat  Oncifelis geoffroyi
Jaguar  Panthera onca
Jaguarundi  Herpailurus yaguarondi
Kodkod  Oncifelis guigna   vulnerable
Margay  Leopardus wiedi
Ocelot  Leopardus pardalis
Pampas Cat  Oncifelis colocolo
Tiger Cat  Leopardus tigrinus
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